Scott Brooks



Reported issues: 186


11:11 AM Beamdog Client Public Bugs Bug #38485: Beamdog Client should be installed correctly
Strange. This log appears to be from Discord, and not the Beamdog Client.
We both use the same underlying technol...


11:21 AM Infinity Engine Public Bugs Bug #29687: [Linux] Missing LFS during build, causes the game to fail on XFS partitions
The attached file is a 64 bit linux binary for PST:EE. Can you test it for me to see how it works on your setup?


04:11 PM BG:EE Public Bugs Bug #20288: Crash on opening (BGEE only)
Based off the crash report, the game is unable to load CHITIN.key.
How did you get your steam key? Was it through...

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