How To File Bugs

Step 1: Check for Mods

Make sure that you have no mods installed, and that you have not edited your savegame. If you do, try to reproduce the issue with a new game on a clean installation. We can't fix issues with mods, and it's often hard to tell where a bug came from if it's only being reported on a modified game. If you can reproduce the issue with no mods installed, move to Step 2.

(If it turns out the issue was caused by one or more of your mods, check out the Modding forum and see if the mod's author can help you identify the cause of the problem. Your issue may help a mod designer/maintainer make their mod better!)

Step 2: Reproduce the issue

If it's a gameplay issue, try to go through the same steps you took to make it happen. The simpler the steps are the better, but it's important to be precise so that we can isolate the cause and fix the problem. Be sure to create a savegame just prior to the steps you took, so that we can retrace those steps exactly.

If the issue is related to graphics or text, take a screenshot. On Windows and Mac, pressing PrntScrn during play will generate a screenshot in your Documents\[Name of the Game]\ScrnShot folder; you don't need any external programs to make it work.

For example, a screenshot taken in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will be located in Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition\ScrnShot.

If the problem is a typo, edit baldur.lua to include SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Strref On','1'). This puts a number before each string in the game. Report the string reference number in your bug report.

Step 3: Report the issue

Bug reporting will be handled using Redmine. If you do not yet have an account, register there first! For those who tested with us before, we're using a drastically simplified approach - so no worries!

There are separate projects in Redmine for each game. You can find the project for the game you are testing by selecting it from the "Jump to a project..." drop down in the upper right corner of the page.

From there, you want to click on the "Issues" tab and look through or search to see if the issue has already been reported.

For each new issue, click on the "New Issue" tab, and fill in the following details:

1. In the Tracker box, select whether you think the issue is a Bug or a new Feature.

2. In the Subject box, write down a title that clearly states what is wrong.

Try to formulate the subject as a "should" or "should not" statement.

Example: There should be no audio distortions while the movies play

3. In the Description box, include the following three items:

a) A numbered list of exact steps that will reproduce the problem.

Anyone reading the list should be able to follow it without detailed knowledge of the quest or situation. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Begin with starting a new game from the main menu.
  2. Attach a zipped save and begin with "1. Load the attached save."

In either case, it is okay to include console commands to shorten the steps (see the example below).

b) A one-sentence statement (each) of the observed and expected behaviors.

As with the subject, try to use "should" or "should not" statements. If you don't know what the expected behavior is, write down the negation of the observed behavior.

c) Your platform, your hardware and any notes or additional media needed to understand or reproduce the issue.

Under Notes, include your platform, your hardware and anything else you want to add.

If you are reporting a visual problem, include a screenshot using jpg or png file format only.

You may also attach a video using mp4 file format only.

If your game crashed, find the crash dump in Documents\Infinity Engine - Enhanced Edition\crash and attach it to your report as a .zip. Also include the savegame that generated the crash dump.

The zip file format is the only permitted file compression format for bug ticket attachments. Please do not use RAR, 7z, bz2 or any other compression format.

4. Finally, in the Found In Version box, select the specific version you were testing.

Example report