Bug #35725

Updated by Richard Hilton over 1 year ago

1. Load the attached save “beforequest”
2. Talk to the NPC called Prin to start the quest
3. Find the menhirs around the map (See attached picture)
4. Tapping the menhir number 4 (see attached picture) summons a stone golem, however it does not activate the quest objective
5. Activating all menhirs should summon a ghost NPC essential to complete the quest
6. Since menhir number 4 cannot be activated, the ghost isn’t summoned and the quest cannot be completed

Internal report #35791

iPad Air 1, iOS 11.2.6
Siege of Dragonspear v2.5.12.9
Also attached another save game file “afterquest” where I have progressed through the quest but couldn’t complete it.