Bug #34717

Updated by Anders Svensson almost 2 years ago

1. Unpack the attached archive "smolder.zip" into [game install folder]/music/smol
2. Start the game and set slider of Options > Sound > Music to maximum value
3. Load the attached save "000000012-Music Test"
4. Listen to the music of the Smoldering Corpse Bar
5. Select the Nameless One, attack Morte, and immediately cancel the attack action
6. Wait until combat music stops and the Smoldering Corpse Bar music starts playing again
7. Listen to the the music

The Bar music is played back at doubled speed.

The Bar music should be played back at normal speed.

This effect happens when the sample rates of the soundtracks are different. Sample rate of combat music is 44.1 kHz, sample rate of attached soundtrack is 22.05 kHz. Encoding type (Ogg Vorbis or ACM) doesn't seem to matter.

Internal report: #34914