Bug #32161

Updated by Anders Svensson about 2 years ago


For "Sacrifices Must Be Made" achievement :
The description says : Finish the game with a full party of dead allies.
I played the entire game with a 4 character group that I created. In the last battle I let 3 characters die and I killed Sarevok with my main character, the achievement did not unlock.
I had tought that's because I only have 4 characters, so I recruted 2 random ones to complete my group to 6, I did the same thing vs Sarevok (let the 5 allies die), and the achievement still did not unlock. So now I have no idea why. Is it a bug or did I miss something ?

For "Lord Of Murder" achievement :
Once I finished the game with my 4 character group, I started a new game in legacy of bhaal difficulty by importing only one character, my level 10 shadow master.
I managed to get to Sarevok, I killed him, but the achievement did not unlock (whereas "flying solo" did).
My only idea why is maybe during the battle in the Ducal Palace with the great dopplegangers. I tried multiple times but I did not have enought DPS to save at least one duke. As I could not change the difficulty, I tried to enable the option "No difficulty-based damage increase". I succeed the battle, I immediatly disabled this option, and I finished the game.
Does this option prevent the achivement lord of murder to unlock ? If not, I don't know what I did wrong. Is it a bug ?

Thank you for your answer !


Internal report: #26624