Bug #22906

Updated by Anders Svensson almost 4 years ago

# Start a new game with an Archer (Ranger kit). 1) Load attached save
# Create some Ankheg Plate Mail: @C:CreateItem("PLAT06")@
# Try to equip the armor.
2) Open Kivan's Inventory


The Archer
Observed: Kivan(archer kit) can freely equip the Ankheg Plate Mail.


The Archer can't
and unequip ankheg armor.

Expected: Kivan should not be able to
equip the Ankheg Plate Mail.


Archers "may only wear leather,
any armor besides studded leather, leather, and hide armor" according hide.

Notes: Kivan was made into an archer when I recruited him with EE keeper. My cleric just recently got better armor so I removed the ankheg armor. When moving it, I noticed Kivan could wear it. He is correctly restricted from wearing other armors an archer should not be able
to wear.

Other Thoughts: This could be instead, a typo in
the kit description. description of the kit. If Archer was restricted to non-metal armors, like a druid.