Bug #22728

Updated by Anders Svensson almost 4 years ago

# Load Hi there

Well i have a problem with 2 steam achivements of
the attached save game.
# Talk
main campaign and i can´t seem to unlock them no matter what i do:

- Water, water everywhere (whether choosing freeing or not freeing
the nearby Miner; select ( 2 )
# The mine is flooded
miners option)

- Entertained (i recruit Baeloth in Larswood but still get no unlock)

And i have no idea how to unlock both. Do i have to follow
a slave speaks particular order of actions in the areas to you. be hable to unlock them?
# Check a global: @C:GetGlobal("ACH_WATER_WATER","GLOBAL")@ I have all the others of the original campaign unlocked (i am still playing and unlocking the spear ones).


The global sometimes doesn't exist.


The global
I think the version is 1.


The achievement need to trigger if
the global FLOODED is 2 last as well as 1 since this global is sometimes incremented before steam keeps it updated (so i chose the achievement script has had time to run. most recent one)

Thanks in advance for all the help you may provide