Bug #22857

Updated by Anders Svensson over 3 years ago

# Load the attached save game.
# Open Nagarue's
I have managed to reproduce a bug and here is how with more detail. Character Record is level 2 fighter selected dual class selected thief went to skill selections and select Dual Class.
# Select Class > Thief > Done.
# Select Skills.
# Spend the proficiency points on any weapon type.
# Put
trained in short sword and scimitar put 40 points into the Pick Pockets skill in pick pocket and click Done.
# Select Back > Skills.


Your Pick Pockets skill
accepted it. Possibly here is 40 and you can spend an additional 40 skill points.


Your Pick Pockets skill
where the catch is 0 I went back to the first screen of dual class could not exit and you can spend 40 skill points. went through the process again with thief this time I hit done after selecting skills then got the pop up to cancel and selected cancel character now has no proficiencies. Also when I went back and forward again from one point I had double training points for thief skills. Have saved games from before and after.