Bug #22822

Updated by Richard Hilton over 3 years ago

1. Start a new game with the Abdel pregen.
2. C:MoveToArea("AR3300")
3. C:ExploreArea()
4. Locate Neera at x3000 y1200, and jump there (Ctrl/J).
5. Agree to help Neera (1, 1).
6. Respond to Ekandor (all 1's).
7. Kill the Thayans (Ctrl/Y).
8. Respond to Neera (1, 1).
9. Open the Journal (J), and expand the Neera entry.

The journal entry has no detail.

Strref 31609 Something Wild: I met a half-elf named Neera on the road and rescued her..."

Public report #22822

Original report:
This is also reported in the forum:

I'm not getting Neera's journal text when I meet her in Beregost whether I let her join or not. Journal entry displays correctly in popup but doesn't appear in the journal afterwards.

No mods installed, brand new 2.1632 save and installation. I'm attaching 3 saves (2 after meeting Neera, 1 just before).