Bug #22559

Updated by Richard Hilton over 3 years ago

@Steps 1-8 below if required@
9. Load the attached save.
10. Walk northeast
1. Enter Bridge District (after previously entering it and exit triggering the area.
11. Select the Slums as a destination.
Bridge Murders quest).

The camera When Neera appears in the Bridge District, the screen is focused zoomed into another area on an empty part of the random area on arrival. map.

The camera should be focused on When Neera appears in the player/party. Bridge District, the screen is zoomed into the map area where Neera is.

Bug reporter and forum link:
> This is how Neera now arrives in the "ambush" that happens after seeing her teleport out of the Bridge District. As you can see, I'm stuck in the cinematic mode, looking at a corner of the screen, until she initiates the conversation, at which point the screen fixes itself.

If a clean save is required, precede with these steps.
1. Load the attached @Neera Bridge@ save.
2. Exit north and travel to the Bridge District.
3. Respond to Lt Aegisfield (1, 2, 2).
4. Walk west and click through the peasant dialogue.
5. Locate the inn at x3200 y2000, and jump there.
6. Enter the inn, and exit.
7. Return to Lt Aegisfield.
8. Observe Neera's cutscene.