Bug #22283

Updated by Richard Hilton over 3 years ago

1. Load attached save.
2. Open the door to the northwest and enter the room.
3. Speak to Ziatar (1, 1).
4. Kill Ziatar (Ctrl/Y).
5. C:GetGlobal("Ach_String_Cutter","GLOBAL")

Global value of 1 indicates achievement made for killing Darskhelin.

The achievement should only be made after killing Darskhelin

Internal report #22527

I am unable to replicate this because once the achievement is unlocked, it is impossible to unlock it again on my end. The save included is the save file I made before this happened, and I put in everything I did for this to happen. I can also not tell if there is a different achievement that should have unlocked instead, since the achievement descriptions are mostly hidden.