Bug #22283

Updated by Richard Hilton over 3 years ago

1. Load attached save.
2. Open the door Speak to the northwest and enter the room. Ziatar.
3. Speak to Ziatar (1, 1). Choose dialogue options 1, 1.
4. Kill Ziatar (Ctrl/Y). Ziatar.
5. C:GetGlobal("Ach_String_Cutter","GLOBAL") String Cutter achievement unlocked.

*Observed:* Observed:
Global value of 1 indicates The achievement made for killing Darskhelin. Darskhelin unlocked upon killing Ziatar.

*Expected:* Expected:
The achievement for killing Darskhelin should only be made after unlock when killing Darskhelin

Notes: I am unable to replicate this because once the achievement is unlocked, it is impossible to unlock it again on my end. The save included is the save file I made before this happened, and I put in everything I did for this to happen. I can also not tell if there is a different achievement that should have unlocked instead, since the achievement descriptions are mostly hidden.