Bug #22077

Updated by Nicholas Steel over 3 years ago

0) Delete configuration file Baldur.lua
1) Start game
2) Click Baldur's Gate
3) Click Options
4) Click Gameplay
5) Set Difficulty to Normal
6) Click Done
7) Click Back
8) Repeat steps 3 and 4

Difficulty to remain on Normal.

Difficulty reverts to Easy.

Windows 10 x64

It's come to my attention that it is saving the wrong value, for examples:

- If you choose Legacy of Bhaal difficulty, it will save Insane difficulty
- If you choose Insane difficulty, it will save Hard difficulty
- If you choose Hard difficulty, it will save Core Rules difficulty
- If you choose Core Rules difficulty, it will save Normal difficulty
- If you choose Normal difficulty, it will save Easy difficulty

There are reports of the Difficulty setting (Maybe only Legacy of Bhaal) being incorrectly stored within Quick and Manual save game files, resulint in this issue happening when loading them. Auto-saves are seemingly working fine.