Feature #21526

Updated by Dee Pennyway over 3 years ago

1. Start a new game with the Abdel pregen character
2. Look at Abdel's sprite

Abdel's sprite is being scaled using the Linear scaling method.

Abdel's sprite (and all sprites) should be scaled using the "Nearest Neighbor" scaling method.

There should be a toggle for "Use Linear Scaling on Sprites" in Options > Graphics, enabled by default. Disabling that option should switch the game to Nearest Neighbor scaling. If possible, not enabling Linear Scaling should still allow the Show Sprite Outlines and Highlight Selected Sprite options to work.

*Original Report:*
> Hi support,
> Dee said on forums that I should create ticket for this issue.
> Scaling filter has been changed. Previously, the filter used "nearest neighbor" scaling; now it uses "linear" scaling. There's currently no way to change the filter back (even turning off Sprite Outlines keeps it in "nearest neighbor").
> Please if possible make a toggle under graphic option for Scaling Filter if possible, or tie it to the Sprite Outlines toggle.
> This would make it possible to preserve original "pixelated" look of BG game. Many would appreciate that.
> Thank you very much in advance,
> Best,
> AA

Internal Report #21770