Bug #20657

Updated by Richard Hilton almost 4 years ago

1. Rename your Baldur.lua file so a clean one will be created.
2. Rename your save folder so a clean one will be created.
3. Launch BGEE.
4. From the Options screen (O), select Language -> French -> Done -> Back -> Back -> Quit Game.
5. Launch BGEE again, and start a new game with the Abdel pregen.
6. Quicksave 2 or 3 times (Q -> Q -> Q).
7. C:MoveToArea("AR2700");C:ExploreArea()
8. Locate the eastern edge of the map at x5000 y1800 and jump there.
9. Travel east.
10. On arrival, check your save folder for save games.

There is a single save, folder name 'placeholder'.

There should be multiple quicksave folders and an auto-save folder.

Believe this applies to any language other than English.

Original notes;
In French, texts 32410 to 32419 are neither translated nor copied from English and are set to "placeholder". When trying to quick save the very first time, I got an error in game reporting that it failed. At that time the save directory didn't exist yet, it was the first time the game was run on the computer. However the save was created properly under the name "placeholder". Then loading the save and quick saving was not a problem anymore, except for the wrong name.
I couldn't force another appearence of the error message after removing directory Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition and restarting, however the wrong name is still used.
Note: strangely the game had kept my selection of French as game language. Is this because my Windows is in French?

When changing area (Lion's way to the Elminster meeting), the quick save was overwritten by the auto-save because both are using "placeholder" as name. I assume the final save would overwrite them too (and be overwritten).

Since all the new text use "placeholder", trying to create a shaman or talking to monks in Candlekeeps bring this word very often.

In my opinion, texts newly added (starting from 32332) should be added in all languages before release, in English if the translation couldn't be updated. That used to be the case in 1.2 and 1.3.

Windows 7, Beamdog version, using the autonomous client
V2.0.58.2 downloaded on the 5th of March.