Bug #20248

Updated by Anders Svensson almost 4 years ago

# Start a new game with OBSERVED:
1. Load
the Abdel pre-gen. attached save game.
# Run @C:CreateItem("STAF06");C:CreateItem("DAGG01");C:CreateItem("AROW11");C:CreateItem("SHLD15");C:CreateItem("SHLD16");C:CreateItem("AROW03");C:CreateItem("AROW04");@
2. Open Adbel's inventory and right the inventory. You will find the following items: STAF06, STAF08, DAGG01, AROW11, SHLD15, SHLD16, AROW03, AROW04. Right click on the items. each of them and you will see that there are many flaws (missing images, dark images, half-images and so on). See attached images for a quick reference.


The items have broken or missing description images.


The items have working description images.


* STAF06 - Staff Mace +2
* DAGG01 - Dagger
* AROW11 - Arrow +2
* SHLD15 - Large Shield
* SHLD16 - Large Shield
* AROW03 - Arrow of Slaying
* AROW04 - Acid Arrow +1
Items images should be displayed without any flaws.