Bug #41072

Areas created with CreateArea display their original names in load game

Added by Stanisław Jasiewicz 4 months ago. Updated 26 days ago.

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Found In Version:8186 Category:Client, User Interface


Areas created with the CreateArea() function display their original name in the load game menu menu.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create an area using the CreateArea() NWScript function, changing its name.
2. Save the game in the created area.
3. Open the game loading menu and find your save file: it will display the area's original name.


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Internal Report #41189

Hi, thanks for your report. I not only verified this issue, I also discovered that the SAV's created cannot be loaded due to "corruption". Furthermore, I think I may have tracked down the source of said corruption.

I've filed an internal report with a repro mod, so that our programmers can take a better look into this. When they figure out what is wrong, they'll get it fixed and we'll ship it into the next available development build (and eventually, into Stable release). Thanks again for taking the time, and bringing this to our attention!

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