Bug #40497

Spike Trap in bd7230 should never be activated if player clicks only once on lever

Added by Christiane Steyer 4 months ago.

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1. Load attached savegame
2. select only one party member, e.g. the PC
3. click on the spike trap lever and wait for 10 seconds ([1970.515])
4. observe that only the info about the purpose of the spike trap is shown, but the trap is not activated.
5. Relaod the attached savegame.
6. select the whole party
7. click on the lever for the spike trap once with the whole party selected and wait

Observed: After the first floating text which describes the purpose of this lever, after a short moment, the spike trap is activated killing the crusaders with the info that "You flip the switch and spikes shoot up from the floor."

Expected: The spike trap should not be activated if the lever is only clicked once, despite of how many party members are selected while doing so.

Notes: The lever script is bdlever2.bcs. It uses "WalkedToTrigger([ANYONE])" while similar triggers often use "Clicked([ANYONE])", maybe that's the reason for this behavior.

000000227-lever_test.zip (449 KB) Christiane Steyer, 04/30/2019 03:28 AM

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