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I recently purchased a second copy of NWN EE and installed it on my laptop for the purpose of being able to play on an online server with my wife. The new install seems to have the same cd key as my desktop version, though I can't verify that because I can't find the cd key on my laptop. My desktop is running Windows 7 and I can see that cd key, but the laptop is running Linux Mint and I can't find the cd key file on the laptop. I found the NWN.ini file along with the NWNplayer.ini file, but the cdkey.ini is not there.

I would like to have a different cd key for my laptop, and I will need to know where it is located so I can verify/change it.

My install says it is version 2.1.11 LINUX 64 BIT.

Can you help me?



#1 Updated by Gregor Wyrmbane 3 months ago

Update: 05/21/2019
After looking further, and reading some "readme" files, I have located where the cd key is installed on my laptop running a Linux operating system. That part of my issue is solved. I have confirmed that I was issued the same cd key on my laptop as the one that was already on my desktop, even though I payed a second time for the second download/install. The confirmation part of my issue is also solved. All I need now is a new, different cd key for my laptop so I can play on the same persistent world at the same time with my wife.

#2 Updated by Gregor Wyrmbane 3 months ago

Update: 05/22/2019

Problem solved. I have a new cd key now, thanks to help from the forum admins.

I had to make a second Beamdog account because Beamdog doesn't send separate cd keys for the same game purchased twice on the same account.

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