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Unable to edit skill points in new toolset

Added by CRYSTAL LADNER 7 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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I have the latest Toolset installed and when making a new creature (or editing an existing one) I am unable to edit their skill points. I can edit stats and feats just fine. When editing skill points, instead of a number there are characters I do not recognize (see attached picture). Once I click on another skill, the characters return to their previous number. For example, I tried changing a creature's Listen score from 0 to 5. When I moved to edit the next skill, the characters returned to a 0, rather than the 5 I typed in the box. Another DM/Builder for my group is using the old Toolset and has no issue editing skill points.

NWNToolsetSkillsError.png (2.42 KB) CRYSTAL LADNER, 04/22/2019 09:53 PM


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NWToolset Version: vts78
Game Version: v1.77

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Internal Report #40473

Hi, thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry I let it slip by! I verified the bug and have passed it along for Victor to analyze. When he figures out what is causing it, we'll get it fixed and out into our next beta/build. Thanks again for the helpful report!

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