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new toolset - icons grey out

Added by Rags dude 8 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Sorry for bad descriptions. Noticed after building for an hour or so and switching between area windows, that these set of buttons are greyed out. Can't figure out how to get them back on. Screenshot attached.

Capture.PNG (155 KB) Rags dude, 04/04/2019 06:12 PM


#1 Updated by Rags dude 7 months ago

Noticed that upon closing an area tab that had changes and after confirming 'do you want to save', some icons grey out as I work in another area tab. This time, only display shadows, fog, and use area lighting buttons.

#2 Updated by Bill Harper 5 months ago

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Hi, thanks for the report. I was about to say I couldn't reproduce it, and then it happened to me. I haven't been able to determine exactly what causes it yet, but I'll keep trying. Have you had any more insight on this since the initial report?

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