Bug #40386

[Toolset] Access Violation when clicking on any object in an area.

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Found In Version:Public Bug Reports - Next Update Category:Tool-set general


Steps to reproduce:

Have 'Open Areas in Tabs' enabled.

1) Create a new module + area
2) Add an object to area 1
3) Create another area
4) Open both areas if they aren't yet
5) Close area 2
6) Click on the object in area 1 and get an access violation.

7) Open area 2 again and click on the object in area 1 again, no access violation

Closing area 1 and opening it again also results in no access violations


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Internal Report #40386

Hi, thanks for the quick report and sorry we missed this one! I confirmed the issue and got it filed. We'll get this fixed for the next update. For now, you can work around it by closing and re-opening the area w/ the placed object. Thanks again!

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