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Memory Leak with mods?

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I have noticed a memory leak problem which seems to only affect the outdoor areas, when using mods. I had several mods like Real Skies, Stylish GUI, NWN Facelift and Project Reforged going, and I noticed the FPS got really bad outdoors the more I played. Restarting the game fixed it everytime. Searching the forums I see some people had the exact same problem months ago. Is there any progress on this? I turned off the mods so it's fine for now playing the official campaign, but what about premium and fan-made modules? Do they suffer the same memory leak issues?


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Hi, and thanks for the report. We've done enough testing over the past couple years to confirm that mods--in general--are not specifically causing fps drop. FPS drop is not the same as a memory leak. To spot a memory leak, keep an eye on task manager in windows, or its equivalent in other OS. RAM usage will start low and rise over time.

I'm going to wager it's something in your mods (one or two in particular) that is causing your FPS drop. Real Skies looks like a fair candidate, because skyboxes are a heavy resource killer. We're working on optimizing the system in our new renderer, but for now the number one FPS killer vying with shadows as a close second. Even your other choices are graphical improvements that add a lot of textures &/or meshes to the game, along with the so-called 'fancymapping'. While they shouldn't strangle your computer, they do take additional system resources to run.

Have you tried running one or two of the mods, and seeing if you still have the issue? Ideally you turn them on one at a time until you find the culprit. It could be a single mod, or two mods acting in conjunction, but I'll wager you'll be able to narrow it down. Out of curiosity, what sort of system specs are you running? (If in Windows, a DXDiag report would suffice).

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Hi, thanks again for taking the time to report. Due to a long period of inactivity, I'm going to close down this ticket. If the issue still persists, please feel free to file another report here at https://support.baldursgate.com along with any updated information you can provide, and we'll be happy to take another look.

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