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Cone-shaped area of effect marker should show correct angle

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  1. Make sure AoE markers are enabled in the baldur.lua:
    • ('Game Options','Show AOE','1')
  2. Load any IWD:EE save where you have Shout or Great Shout memorized.
  3. Target Shout or Great Shout onto a nearby point so you see the aoe cone-shaped marker.

A "Cone-shaped projectile with an 'arc' that is not 90 degrees is displayed offset from it's true direction. The visual appears to assume that the center of the arc is always at 45 degrees, regardless of the projectiles actual arc. The farther away from 90 degrees it is, the worse the display gets.

The visual should always be correctly oriented based on the size of the cones 'arc' size.

Internal ticket #38907.

All default "Cone-shaped" projectiles in the BGEE series are 90 degress, but this is not the case in IWDEE series, where the second issue can be observed without mods.

0degree_arc.png (1.2 MB) William Blake, 12/13/2018 10:36 AM

45degree_arc_jaheira_targeting_imoen.png (1.19 MB) William Blake, 12/13/2018 10:36 AM


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Internal ticket #38907.

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