Bug #39335

Chaos of Battle should not offer a save for its visual and audio effects.

Added by Christopher "Tresset" Ethier 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Repro Steps:
  1. Load the attached BG1:EE saved game.
  2. Move Branwen out from behind the wall so she can see 3 ettercaps.
  3. Use Chaos of Battle on the ettercaps.
  4. Ctrl-Q the ettercaps.

The ettercaps are affected by the spell even though the combat log shows them making saving throws.

This spell should not offer saving throws.

Notes: This problem is easier to see in NearInfinity. Look at the file ohtmps2e.spl and you will see that for all its abilities the following is true:
Effects using the opcodes "remove effects by resource", "display string", "display portrait icon", "set color glow pulse", and "play sound" all offer a save vs. spell to avoid.
Effects using the opcodes "AC bonus", "base THAC0 bonus", "maximum HP bonus", "luck bonus", "save vs. death bonus", "save vs. breath bonus", "save vs. wand bonus", "save vs. polymorph bonus", and "save vs. spell bonus" all do not offer any save to avoid.

Internal report #37843.

000008285-Tempus Test.zip (217 KB) Christopher "Tresset" Ethier, 11/20/2018 01:38 PM


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Already fixed internally in #37843.

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