Bug #39043

Resurrection spells should not remove temporary abilities from living targets.

Added by William Blake over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Observed: Temporary abilities (from Polymorph, Shapechange, Sequencers) are removed when one of the raise dead or resurrection spells are applied to them, even when the target is already alive.

Expected(Ideal): Resurrection spells should not be responsible for removing temporary abilities. The opcode(171), that grants them should have a parameter option to be attachable and temporary, so that it can automatically be removed by death and export. This could be done similar to how opcode 335(Seven Eyes) grants its spells, just without the required spellstate check.

Expected(Realistic): Resurrection spells should not apply their spell-removal effects to living targets. If this is the solution, the following spells will need to be added to the removal as well: SPPWI420P, SPWI710P, and SPWI809P. These are the "activate at point" sequencer spells, currently only the "activate at target", "-D" suffixed versions are removed.

Load attached save.
Note Minor Sequencer ability in Special Abilities bar.
Console C:Eval('ReallyForceSpell(Myself,1729)') - Mass Raise Dead
Note Minor Sequencer ability in Special Abilities bar is gone.
Attempt to recast Minor Sequencer - fails because spell is still active.

The Rod of Resurrection item does not have any of these spell-removal effects.
At least the following spells need to be altered:
  • Raise Dead (SPPR504)
  • Recall Spirit (SPPR550)
  • Resurrection (SPPR712)
  • Harper's Call (SPJA01)
  • Mass Raise Dead (SPPR729)
  • Wish Mass Raise Dead (SPWISH10)
  • Resurrection (BHAAL4A) - unknown use
  • (no name) (OHBRAISE) - unknown use

Internal report: #39097

000000007-Seq Test.zip (89.7 KB) William Blake, 10/21/2018 03:51 PM


#1 Updated by Robert "Galactygon" Rath over 1 year ago

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Submitted internally as #39097 (Only dead characters should be affected by Raise Dead and Resurrection spells). We will continue to remove temporary innates manually via opcode 172 for now until a more sustainable solution is implemented. #39096 (It should be possible to add dispellable temporary innate abilities).

#2 Updated by Anders Svensson over 1 year ago

  • Description updated (diff)

#3 Updated by Robert "Galactygon" Rath over 1 year ago

As a note, we will not be changing OHBRAISE.spl, since it has a specific function in the cutscene after each fight in Black Pits II to raise dead party members and remove temporary innates from the entire party before returning to the dead magic area.

#4 Updated by William Blake over 1 year ago

Either OHBRAISE.spl, or one of the other spells applied in the following cutscene, will need some form of change.
As is it removes sequencer activate abilities but not the sequencer itself, making it impossible to ever recast or activate said sequencer, unless you actually kill the character (or use debug console/editor).

#5 Updated by Anders Svensson over 1 year ago

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