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Lightning Bolt projectiles should not bounce before hitting their initial target

Added by Adam "Adul" Zsoldos 8 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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In BG:EE, around half the lightning bolt traps are broken now because they're mostly placed in tight corridors, and the lightning bolt projectile bounces away and gets destroyed before it could hit the party.

The lightning bolt projectile should always hit the initial target, and it should only bounce afterward. E.g. it should be reverted to its pre-2.5 behavior.

Example areas: Firewine Ruins interior, Candlekeep Catacombs, the maze under the Thief's Guild, etc.

Internal ticket #39237.


#1 Updated by Richard Hilton 8 months ago

Not sure if cause of this may be the same as #37106.

#2 Updated by Adam "Adul" Zsoldos 8 months ago

They're two separate issues associated with Lightning Bolt, though both originate from the v2.5 Lightning Bolt overhaul. One of the issues is that the Lightning Bolt projectile can bounce and be destroyed before it reaches its initial target, and the other is that the projectile can miss characters even when it successfully reaches and passes through them.

#3 Updated by Robert "Galactygon" Rath 7 months ago

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Handled internally by #39237.

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