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Beamdog Client 2.1.9

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I own 5 Beamdog games & since the second version of Beamdog Client to the latest version 2.1.9 i have had a problem in logging in, if i click Remember me i can log in but if i click Remember me and Log me in automatically it just loads up with no games listed. I first thought the latest version 2.1.9 had fixed the problem as it worked fine with both Remember me and Log me in automatically both ticked but after 2 days it stopped working again.
I have been asking questions under the title of Games Missing on the Beamdog forums since it first started, the main person i have been in contact with is JuliusBorisov and he gave me the link to here as he thinks it looks like an ever-evasive issue.


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That is.... really really weird. A few questions if I may:

Does it still show all your games if you don't use the auto-login?
Do you attempt to log in very quickly? Or do you let the login screen sit for a moment?
What Operating system and version are you currently running?
Have you tried uninstalling / re-installing the Beamdog client?
Is the email you used to register for filing this bug the same as your Beamdog Account?

If you can, please list your responses to those questions in a comment to this bug, and I'll talk to a few folks around here to see what they think.

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