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Odd behavior when combining switching out party members/quick-load

Added by Daniel Rohrbach about 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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1. Approach Coran.
2. Agree to have him join party (1-1) and end dialogue.
3. When the "Remove Party Members" screen comes up, push "L" for quick-load (= save loads).
4. Remove any character other than Coran.
5. End up with Coran in your party before you talked to him (but unselectable).

I assume this is going to be the same with every companion that you can add, but this one's how I found it.

Probably one option would be to disable quick-load during member removal - the same you can't load during dialogues, etc.

Internal report #38644

000000001-Quick-Save-4.rar (361 KB) Daniel Rohrbach, 09/04/2018 05:06 PM


#1 Updated by Richard Hilton about 1 year ago

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Step 3 does nothing when I try this, nothing is loaded and someone has to be removed from the party. Could you advise what device this is for (including Windows, Mac, Linux), and also if you have anything like custom UI or other mods.


#2 Updated by Daniel Rohrbach about 1 year ago

That's odd. I'm On PC Windows 10 with no mods whatsoever. Most recent version, vanilla.

Since reporting, I've tried repeating the same procedure when meeting other companions and it has worked every time.

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Thanks, have moved this to the SoD tracker as it only happens when the SoD user interface (black) is present.

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Fixed in version

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