Bug #38585

Edwin loses bonus spell from ring of wizardry after reloading quicksaved game

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Get Edwin into your party, equip him with ring of wizardry (ring can be found on bottom part of map where Friendly arms inn located).
2. Remove all memorized spells and memorize "Armor" spell and five "Color Spray" spells.
3. Rest.
4. Cast one of memorized color spray's and quick save game.
5. Quick load saved game and press W to open spellbook.
Screenshot of lost spell attached

Internal report #38737

spells-bug.png - screenshot of spellbook (654 KB) digital digital, 09/01/2018 11:19 AM

000000020-edwin-spells.zip (125 KB) digital digital, 09/01/2018 11:25 AM


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Attached save
Also, ring of wizardry on him is not ID-ed

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Fixed in version

n.b. doubling of spells will now be treated before any additional spells. This means Edwin would have 5 (2 doubled plus 1) spell slots available regardless of rest/load situation and not 6 (2 plus 1, all doubled)

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