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Cross platform still not working.

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According to JuliusBorisov on the forums, cross-platform multiplayer should now be working between PC and iOS. However, When I tried it I found not only that I couldn't join my own game, but the other games failed to match as well. Any clarification or advice would be appreciated.

Internal Report #38423


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Thank you for the bug report!

On the PC end, are you playing via Steam or BDC? There is a known issue that any PC installation that includes SoD will not be able to see or join BG games where SoD isn't installed (such as the iOS stand alone apps). There is a workaround if you are playing via Steam, as uninstalling the SoD DLC should fix the issue, but we recognize that this isn't ideal. There is currently an internal ticket filed for this behaviour (#38423).

#2 Updated by William Littlepage 10 months ago

Done. This did fix the problem. I do play on Steam. This is far from ideal, but it works. Thank you.

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Glad to hear it, linking this to the internal ticket.

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