Bug #38197

Multiplayer matches drop client players after about 30 seconds

Added by Joel Beach 11 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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When hosting a multiplayer match, players will notice that clients are dropped from a match or crash (in one case with an iPad Air 2 as the client and an Samsung Android as the host) shortly after joining a match (approximately 30 seconds). The client's game first becomes unresponsive and then they'll be disconnected about 10 sec later. After that they will be returned to the multiplayer menu and be able to choose a lobby. This occurred with a variety of different host client machines including: IOS hosting and Android as client, IOS hosting and PC as client, Android hosting and IOS as client.

Repro Rate:
  • For disconnect: 4/5 attempts
  • For crash 1/5 attempts

Repro Steps:
1) Launch Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition on an IOS device (was using an iPad Air 2 when it was first discovered)
2) Select Multiplayer on the Main Menu
3) Host a lobby and create 2 characters
4) Have a client using an Android OS join the lobby as a client
5) Assign one character to each player
6) Both players click the ready box
7) Begin the match and load into gameplay
8) Proceed to play normally
9) Observe if crash occurs shortly after loading into gameplay


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Please can you confirm game version as shown on each device. Cross-platform play is being worked on as part of the version 2.5 update. Status of that for BG:EE is here

The smoke test (a broad spectrum of quick tests by our QA team) for the 2.5 patch for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is finished, the 2.5 patch for Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear will go through the same testing next week. Both patches will be released at the same time.

On iOS you should have version 2.4.
On Android and PC it will depend on whether you are using the current retail version or opted into a beta.


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