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All areas reset after returning from modron maze

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After spending some time in the modron maze I portaled back to sell loot and every game area I go to has been reset. I haven't tested extensively yet but this appears to be the general outcome:
- All areas are black and must be re-explored
- All storage containers have had their contents reset (including those in the dustman bar and TNO's sensate room where I had items stored)
- Some NPCs have been respawned (e.g. strahan is back in the mausoleom, by himself)
- Some doorways that were accessible to my character are not anymore (gate to the foundry is now closed, tenement of thugs door won't open)

While in the maze I reset the maze's difficulty a couple times and rested a few times. Leaving via control room vs portal lens did not make a difference.

I have cdtweaks v4 installed with the following components:
- max HP at level one
- higher HP on level up
- identify all items
- ammo/jewelry/potion/scroll stack 80
- rest anywhere
- sellable items
- store purchase all items

000000062-Modron Maze - Day 63, Hour 21.zip - .gam and .sav files (60 KB) A F, 07/11/2018 09:20 PM


#1 Updated by Richard Hilton over 1 year ago

From the issue description it sounds like your SAV file has lost a number of areas, and looking at the file obvious areas such as the mortuary are not present.

There isn't anything that can be done with this save alone. If you also have older saves you can view the size of each in Windows Explorer, and if there is a drop in size that will be where the data loss occurred.

You can then either restart from that save, or using something like NearInfinity it is possible to extract missing areas from the last good save and add them to a later save. If your later save has revisited missing areas it becomes difficult to know which areas should be replaced so the ideal later save would be just before returning from the maze.

The issue has been seen on unmodded games and the cause has not been identified - could be an operating system, security, hardware or game issue. However, your rest anywhere mod might increase the likelihood particularly if you rested in areas of the modron maze that the unmodded game does not allow.


#2 Updated by Anders Svensson over 1 year ago

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I would suggest installing the Generalized Biffing mod - http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/741-generalized-biffing/ - if you have mods installed (Select to biff everything). This should potentially prevent some problems after entering the Modron Maze.

#3 Updated by Markus Ramikin 10 months ago

Since JuliusBorisov tells me this hasn't been reproduced, lemme share my reproduction steps.

1. Installed the game afresh, no mods. Created the Override folder. Enabled debug mode.

2. Extracted an ARE file and put it in Override, without any modifications. (I picked AR0207.ARE, which happens to be the candlestick quest mausoleum, but another area would do just as well.)

3. Started a new game, gave myself the cheat axe, debug-travelled to AR0207, killed guards, looted the container.

5. Travelled to AR13EN, which is the Engineering Room, talked to the modron and reset the Modron Maze.

6. Travelled to AR0207 again.
The area was reset - both containers (tomb and corpse) AND the guards. This does not happen if step 2 is omitted.

This implies that something about the modron maze reset function causes Override resources to be reloaded afresh when they shouldn't be, overriding savegame states. (I picked up this notion from an Argent77 post and designed the above test around it.) If so, then any mods that leave resources in Override (i.e. basically all of them) are vulnerable. So while a completely fresh game might show no problems, this is still not the fault of any particular mod, but rather a problem with the base game's modron maze reset function.

#4 Updated by Anders Svensson 10 months ago

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#5 Updated by Anders Svensson 10 months ago

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I would suggest installing the Generalized Biffing mod if you have mods installed (Select to biff everything) to work around the bug. Closing this as a probable dupe of #30688.

#6 Updated by Anders Svensson 10 months ago

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