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Drizzt (Script Bug) vs Gnolls vs Bystanders

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There are two things wrong with his script.

VS Gnolls
1. Start a new game and make your way to Drizzt's area.
2. Circle around the area to reveal the gnolls but keep Drizzt in the fog.
3. The gnolls you reveal will soon target, attack, and eventually kill Drizzt.

Observed: Drizzt doesn't defend himself when he gets attacked. While his position is somewhere on the screen, he will not defend. However if you move the screen to the edge of the map or if Drizzt's position is not somewhere on screen then he will defend himself like normal.

Expected: Drizzt should attack the last attacker regardless of where the screen is at.

Suggestion: His script "DRIZZT.BCS" the very first trigger "OnScreen(Myself)" is faulty and should be replaced with "Detect([PC])", it does the same thing excluding the bug.

VS Bystanders
1. Start new game and gather a full party then head to Drizzt.
2. Dispatch the gnolls, surround Drizzt with your party members then remove all from party thus making them neutral.
3. Attack Drizzt with a weapon that has range greater than "1" until death, you could also speed up the process by gathering more helpers.

Observed: Drizzt gets stuck by neutral bystanders and can't fight back.

Expected: Drizzt should recognize the neutral bystanders as enemy and kill them to free himself.

Suggestion: In the same script "DRIZZT.BCS" should add a section to attack all target excluding "reds" and named NPCs in this area. I made my own successful testings and more than happy to share my findings.

    !Name("Teyngan",LastSeenBy(Myself))  // Teyngan
    !Name("Jemby",LastSeenBy(Myself))  // Jemby
    !Name("Zekar",LastSeenBy(Myself))  // Zekar
    RESPONSE #100


internal report: #38774

Drizzt_vs_Gnolls.jpg - Drizzt dead in the dark fog, surounded by gnolls. (67.1 KB) Vang Yang, 07/07/2018 05:27 AM

Drizzt_vs_Bystanders.jpg - Drizzt dead inside bystander lock down. (86.6 KB) Vang Yang, 07/07/2018 05:55 AM

DRIZZT_Script.zip - Drizzt's modify script that address these two issues. (1 KB) Vang Yang, 07/07/2018 06:03 AM


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