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Trigger Transition not showing for DMs - not working without the show triggers and using Send Entered Event

Added by Barry Ebersole about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Post to my DMs and Players:
Hello Players:

This update is barely out of the box and I have discovered some - ahhhhh - features (What Microsoft calls Bugs).

DM - you can no longer see the blue transition triggers, nor do they work for you as they once did - you MUST enable so triggers and use the radial menu to the 9 o'clock position or is it 10, anyway the option to activate.

These SAME, once blue, transition triggers NO LONGER SHOW FOR PLAYERS. Players must mouse over a trigger to even see it - shows then in a turquoise translucent color and the little stone arch with the arrow in the middle curser shows up.

This means that transitions will be much harder to find. I have already been working on placing map notes at transition points in the world but this is an ongoing project that will not be completed for a LONG time, due to the number of areas in the world, over 2000, and many areas have multiple entrances and exits.

This is just the tip of the iceberg since i found this in seconds. This may be intentional by Beamdog but it IS A PROBLEM and I am not OK with it.


#1 Updated by Barry Ebersole about 1 year ago

Guess i should be specific - it is harder for players for find transitions since they cannot see them until they mouse over them.
DMs now have a multi operation involving turning on the show triggers - using the radial menu - S L O W

DM should at least have the same methods and appearances as the players for trigger transitions.

Having to have show triggers on all the time is annoying and in certain cases dysfunctional since triggers can overlap and finding the correct trigger difficult to impossible where such occasion occurs.

#2 Updated by Barry Ebersole about 1 year ago


NOT only is the use of the see triggers with Send Entered Event slower - but the Send Entered Event does not always work.

Took five tries to get through a transition just now - This NEVER happened when using the click on and go that the players still have.

When forced to use this method in the past for a custom trigger transition i noticed this iffy delay behavior but this one I just tested was the worst ever - I have given up after 4 attempts and then tried one more time and it worked.

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Hearing you. Tracking internally: #37478

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