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Cannot enter text into text-field-boxes

Added by Jeffrey Hadden about 1 year ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Found In Version:1.3.2053


I have BG:EE on my Samsung Note8. The current software is http://doc.samsungmobile.com/SM-N950W/BMC/doc.html
(I'm not particularly tech savvy but that's the link that opens when I check my current software on my phone. I assume it's entirely inclusive of everything on that page.)

When I attempt to enter text when saving, it doesn't appear in the text field.

This means I cannot make a new character or a new save aside from quick saving and saving over previous saves using the previously entered text.

The issue occured after this update so I assume it's something on android's end.


#1 Updated by Richard Hilton about 1 year ago

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Sorry to hear this is an issue. Sometimes the cursor does not appear in the text box so no keyboard appears, but you may be able to tap on the text entry area to refocus it.

In v1.3 the text box may not stand out from surrounding visuals (I'm going from memory here). If you find this doesn't help, you could always consider opting into the v2.5 beta

Let us know if this helps.

#2 Updated by Jeffrey Hadden about 1 year ago

I think you might have misunderstood my problem.

I am activating the text field. I replied to your email notification of the reply to this topic but I don't know if the process works that way so I'll post it here as well to be sure.

It turns out pressing the enter key on my on screen keyboard reveals what has been previously typed. This is new info that allows me to get around my problem, so thanks for that. You may as well just leave the game bugged if you can't do anything with this current information.

The field box lets you type with invisible text. Pressing enter reveals it. Typing more afterwards, the new text remains invisible until you once again press enter.

I can use this workaround to play peekaboo with what I've typed. I haven't tried multiplayer chat. I could if you'd like, but so far every text field box does the same thing, even in chatacter creation.

#3 Updated by Richard Hilton about 1 year ago

You said you could not enter text so advice was given on that basis. With the clarification that text can be entered but the on-screen keyboard obscures it, there have been changes to tablet builds for this purpose. If you try the public beta as mentioned earlier the situation should be improved and if you spot any fields that aren't fixed please report them.


#4 Updated by Jeffrey Hadden about 1 year ago


I mention in my second post that your suggestion of using the next button (which is not available on my keyboard in-game, only an enter key which isn't quite the same) provided me with a workaround of pressing enter and making the invisible text appear. I can edit the original posts information if that's misleading in light of the new information.

DOUBLE EDIT: I'm not so sure it's possible for me to edit the original ticket submitted... lol.

It's not an issue of me not being able to see the text field while the keyboard is in use. I can see perfectly fine that the text does not appear while I am typing it until enter has been pressed.

The font is invisible while typing; not obscured.

Hope that clears things up. :3

#5 Updated by Kristin Warren 10 months ago

Sorry for the delay, are you still seeing this issue on the newest patch? 2.5.17 should be available through Google Play.


#6 Updated by Jeffrey Hadden 10 months ago

Appears to be fixed in new update with a single try. Will update if I encounter further problems. Thanks for getting back to me.

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