Bug #36356

List of priest and mage spells in Assign Keys menu should be complete in BGEE and SOD.

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Found In Version:Public Bug Reports - 2.5.10


1. Go to the BG1:EE or SOD
2. Select Options
3. Select Gameplay
4. Select Assign Keys
5. Select Mage or Priest Spells

A large number of castable spells are missing.

All spells should be available at least up to level 5 for priests and 6 for mages, preferably even higher as some mods play without xp cap.


Missing mage spells:

Level 1:
Identify (not castable outside of the inventory so this has no gameplay implications), Chill Touch (incorrectly labelled as “Frozen Fist”), Spook , Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer

Level 2:
Power Word: Sleep, Ray of Enfeeblement, Chaos Shield, Deafness, Glitterdust

Level 3:
Invisibility, 10’ Radius, Wraithform, Minor Spell Deflection, Protection from Fire, Protection from Cold, Spell Thrust, Detect Illusion, Hold Undead, Melf’s Minute Meteors, Remove Magic

Level 4:
Fireshield (Blue), Stoneskin, Contagion, Enchanted Weapon, Fireshield (Red), Secret Word, Minor, Sequencer, Teleport Field, Spider Spawn, Farsight, Wizard Eye

Level 5:
Spell Immunity, Protection from Normal Weapons, Protection from Electricity, Breach, Lower Resistance, Oracle, Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental, Protection From Acid, Phantom Blade, Spell Shield, Conjure Lesser Air Elemental, Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental, Minor Spell Turning

Level 6:
Protection from Magic Energy, Mislead, Pierce Magic, True Sight, Protection from Magical Weapons, Power Word: Silence, Improved Haste, Death Fog, Chain Lightning, Disintegrate, Contingency, Spell Deflection, Wyvern Call, Conjure Fire Elemental, Conjure Air Elemental, Conjure Earth Elemental, Carrion Summons, Summon Nishruu, Stone to Flesh

Erroneous entries:
Wall of Fire

Missing Priest spells:

Level 1:
Armor of Faith, Doom, Spirit Ward

Level 2:
Writhing Fog

Level 3:
Dispel Magic, Holy Smite, Unholy Blight, Cure Medium Wounds, Cure Disease, Zone of Sweet Air, Spiritual Clarity

Level 4:
Death Ward, Call Woodland Beings, Poison, Holy Power, Negative Plance Protection, Cause Serious Wounds, Farsight, Cloak of Fear, Lesser Restoration, Spirit Fire

Level 5:
True Seeing, Iron Skins, Magic Resistance, Cause Critical Wounds, Slay Living, Greater Command, Ritheous Magic, Mass Cure, Repulse Undead, Pixie Dust, Recall Spirit

Erroneous entries:
Animal Summoning II listed twice

Suggested solution:
Use the Assign Key lists from BG2:EE as they contain everything up to priest spell level 7 and mage spell level 9.

Internal Report #36415


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