Bug #35840

Shaman spirit animals should attack next hostile after the one being attacked dies

Added by Magarity Kerns over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Found In Version:Public Bug Reports - 2.5.10


On an Android device:
1. Start a game with the new Shaman class
2. Go somewhere there is more than one hostile
(the rats in the storage shed work nicely, so do hobgoblins near Friendly Arm Inn)
3. Do the dance to summon spirit animal(s)

Notice the spirit animal will kill the first hostile then hold still. Unless a new hostile appears from out of view, the spirit animal will not target one that is already in view.
Notice if a second spirit animal is summoned after the first is just standing around hostiles, the second will attack a hostile while the first continues to just watch. The second spirit then also just stands around after making a kill and both ignore any remaining hostiles.
If spirit animals are standing around with hostiles present and a new hostile arrives from out of view, they will attack the newcomer and continue to ignore the one(s) that had been in sight.

Internal report #35871


#1 Updated by Thomas van Golen over 1 year ago

It could be that this is related to #32798 as the AI for NPCs has the same issue (stopping while there are still hostiles around)

#2 Updated by Julius Borisov over 1 year ago

Although one could argue that for NPCs you can always order them to attack the next target, while the player has no control of the Shaman's spirits.

#3 Updated by Richard Hilton over 1 year ago

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#4 Updated by Magarity Kerns over 1 year ago

Thomas, you may be thinking of another platform or version. On Android, game ver 2.5.10 only the spirit animals have this problem. NPCs and other types of summoned critters auto attack next available hostile, no problem.

#5 Updated by Thomas van Golen over 1 year ago

Magarity, that would be interesting, because on both v2.3 and several beta's on v2.5 we see the issue on iOS for example. It would be nice to know that advanced AI for NPCs is actually working on Android.

#6 Updated by Richard Hilton over 1 year ago

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Fixed in build v2.5.15.1

#7 Updated by Richard Hilton over 1 year ago

n.b. Advanced AI is a separate issue, fixed via #32798.

#8 Updated by Anders Svensson over 1 year ago

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#9 Updated by Filip Flechtner over 1 year ago

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#10 Updated by Anders Svensson about 1 year ago

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