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GetHasSpell function does not work

Added by Alberto Piras about 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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I have a huge problem.
Most of the caster mobs in my module have a number of spells above the allowed number, and when i save the creature, the dialog box appears: "This creature's wizard class has a maximum of 12 level 9 spells, but has been assigned 40 spells, do you proceed? "
In this case, the gethasspell function in 1.69 returned TRUE whereas in the case of 1.74 it return FALSE with the consequence that AI does not work and casters do not cast spells! If i assign the recommended number of spells all goes back to normal.
But I can not limit to 12, the ninth level spells of the server's strongest boss!
In 1.69 everything worked perfectly, i never had this problem! I have always used the Jasperre AI package, but two days ago we realized that nothing works anymore.

Please help me!


#1 Updated by Andrew Gauthier about 1 year ago

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Hi there!

This weirdly sounds like it's both an intentional function, and a regression from previous functionality.

I've imported this bug to our internal tracker for assessment. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy!

Internal Tracker: #35816

#2 Updated by ShadowM M 12 months ago

This is not a bug with GetHasSpell the game engine is cutting off the extra spells and forcing the npc to play by standard rules for spell usage.

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