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Providing a way to avoid Neera's initial encounter

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A number of people have expressed disagreement with Neera's initial encounter (I personnally don't have an issue with it, but there are those who do). Here is a suggestion to tweak Neera's dialog to provide those who wish to avoid the encounter an "out":

1. Change transition 2 on NEERA.DLG State 0 to point to a new state. This transition is CHARNAME telling Neera "I would like no part of this. Stay where you are." so the player is choosing not to help. That makes a good point to ditch the encounter.

2. For the new state, re-use the text (and VO) from State 6: "Really? REALLY? That's just great. People like you really bolster my faith in strangers."
(StrRef: 27732). No new text or VO required!

3. From this state, have Neera EscapeArea().

And, so that the gem bag is still available, make it pick pocketable from a patron at the FAI or Feldpost's Inn (e.g., GYLLIA.CRE in AR3351).

Internal Report #35415


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Thanks for the suggestion! We're moving this to our internal tracking system for further consideration. Please note, this isn’t a guarantee we’ll implement the feature or that it will appear as you’ve suggested as we may find another solution, or discover it is more complicated than originally thought.

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Cool! Thanks!

PS - Forget the suggestion to move the gem bag. I forgot that Neera needs it for her quest. Also, checking out the area script for AR3300, I see that the MINHP1 belt is given to Neera by the script block that creates Ekandor. So, she shouldn't be protected before her initial dialog and players who just want her gem bag but still avoid the cutscene & fight can get it then.

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Fixed in version

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