Bug #35322

Aura type areas of effect should not be made permanent by saving and reloading.

Added by Christopher "Tresset" Ethier about 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Found In Version:74.8155 Category:Client


  1. Load the attached save file.
  2. Use the Horn of Goodness/Evil to cast Magic Circle Against Evil on the PC (f1, click on PC).
  3. Save the game in a new slot.
  4. Load the save file you just created.
  5. Rest the PC.

The aura is not canceled by the rest.

Resting should cancel the aura.

This issue affects all aura type areas of effect. Once the game is saved and loaded with aura effects active they will be permanent regardless of duration or rest (they can still be dispelled, if I recall correctly). Furthermore, the aura will go away if the PC changes areas, but upon returning to the area where the aura became permanent, it will reappear.

000002 - Permanent Aura Bug.zip (452 KB) Christopher "Tresset" Ethier, 02/01/2018 11:16 PM


#1 Updated by Christopher "Tresset" Ethier about 2 years ago

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#2 Updated by Christopher "Tresset" Ethier about 2 years ago

Had to upload a different save file to move the PC to an area in which they could actually rest...

#3 Updated by Bill Harper almost 2 years ago

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Internal Report: #35928

Hi, and thanks for taking your time to submit this bug to us! This is an issue we're aware of, a carry-over from v1.69 days, and it's currently in line for repairs. As soon as we find and fix the problem, we'll give it a good testing and when verified we'll get it released into the next public build.

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