Feature #34821

Add an option to change the size of the HP numbers on portraits

Added by Julius Borisov over 1 year ago.

Status:NewStart date:01/10/2018
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Target version:-
Found In Version:Public Bug Reports - 2.5.10


Based on the feedback from the community:

"Is there any way to do this? I searched both BGEE.lua and UI.menu for relevant keywords ("HP" and the FLOATTXT font) but see nothing that controls the point size of the HP display on portraits. I'm using a different FLOATTXT font and I'd like to be able to enlarge it because it is displayed at a smaller size than the original font."

"I'd like to know this too, unless it's been buried in the engine somewhere.
I'd like to change the font size and maybe the color on the main play screen portraits that show the hitpoints. I can see where the drag and click functions are referenced in UI.MENU but don't see where it's overlaying the 7/7 hitpoints.
Also wouldn't mind changing the area font names in the World Map as well. Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated."


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