Bug #34796

Sanctuary should be broken by offensive action, or offensive spells should be flagged hostile.

Added by William Blake almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Found In Version:Public Bug Reports - 2.5.10


Due to this fix: https://support.baldursgate.com/issues/26067, it is now possible to cast any spell not flagged as "hostile" without ending Sanctuary, including the following offensive spells:

Entangle (SPPR105)
Magical Stone (SPPR106)
Charm Person (SPPR204)
Hold Person (SPPR208)
Call Lightning (SPPR302)
Hold Animal (SPPR305)
Holy Smite (SPPR313)
Unholy Blight (SPPR314)
Mental Domination (SPPR405)
Poison (SPPR411)
Flame Strike (SPPR503)
Greater Command (SPPR512)
Repulse Undead (SPPR515)
Animal Summoning 3 (SPPR602)
False Dawn (SPPR609)
Fire Storm (SPPR705)
Symbol, Fear (SPPR706)
Finger of Death (SPPR708)
Holy Word (SPPR710)
Unholy Word (SPPR715)
Creeping Doom (SPPR717)
Symbol, Stun (SPPR718)
Symbol, Death (SPPR719)

Burning Hands (SPWI103)
Charm Person (SPWI104)
Magic Missile (SPWI112)
Larloch's Minor Drain (SPWI119)
Horror (SPWI205)
Melf's Acid Arrow (SPWI211)
Stinking Cloud (SPWI213)
Web (SPWI215)
Agannazar's Scorcher (SPWI217)
Remove Magic (SPWI302)
Flame Arrow (SPWI303)
Slow (SPWI312)
Skull Trap (SPWI313)
Vampiric Touch (SPWI314)
Dire Charm (SPWI316)
Hold Undead (SPWI324)
Confusion (SPWI401)
Emotion: Hopelessness (SPWI411)
Cloudkill (SPWI502)
Cone of Cold (SPWI503)
Domination (SPWI506)
Hold Monster (SPWI507)
Chain Lightning (SPWI615)
Summon Nishruu (SPWI624)
Sphere of Chaos (SPWI711)
Delayed Blast Fireball (SPWI712)
Finger of Death (SPWI713)
Prismatic Spray (SPWI714)
Power Word, Stun (SPWI715)
Summon Hakeashar (SPWI719)
Control Undead (SPWI720)
Incendiary Cloud (SPWI810)
Symbol, Fear (SPWI811)
Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting (SPWI812)
Maze (SPWI813)
Symbol, Stun (SPWI816)
Symbol, Death (SPWI817)
Imprisonment (SPWI910)
Meteor Swarm (SPWI911)
Power Word, Kill (SPWI912)

I'm sure there is more.


Internal report (task): #33037


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#2 Updated by William Blake almost 2 years ago

Just want to also note, that changing the charm/domination spells to hostile is not currently viable, as it will automatically break the charm effect of those spells.

#3 Updated by rede 9 almost 2 years ago

I do not understand the gameplay at role-playing level.
Charme, Silence 15' Radius, Chant don't break banctuary... but Great Malison, Glitter Dust break it.
How can Dumbness and Blindness be different? And Greater Malison and Chant?

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Fixed in version

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