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Unconscious player characters should wake up upon receiving damage

Added by Zen Black almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Currently, when a Player Character is rendered unconscious through a trap or spell (I have only been able to verify Color Spray) they do not wake up after receiving damage. Enemy monsters wake up when they are damaged as expected.

Expected: After receiving damage character loses conscience status and unless another effect or spell (Stinking Cloud comes to mind) affects them again.
Current: Player Characters behave differently than Enemy monsters and stay unconscious after damaged by an attack or spell.

Internal report #21956

I have added a screenshot of the trap that does this in question as well as a screenshot after a Color Spray.

20171206135459_1.jpg (248 KB) Zen Black, 12/06/2017 04:04 PM

20171206135742_1.jpg (223 KB) Zen Black, 12/06/2017 04:04 PM


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Edit: So I tested this just for my own curiosity and the trap in question (Kresslack Tomb Lv1 NW Corner) cannot be saved against or resisted if you are an elf. I attempted it 30+ times with my Paladin and saw at least one "Save vs Spell: 20". I also tried it 10+ times with my elf to be sure. So while the original staying unconscious is an issue, a secondary issue is the trap itself is evil DM style.

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