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[Translations, Italian] On the World Map, strings should not overlap

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1. Launch BG2EE.
2. Press "Options", then "Language". Select "Italian", then click "Done".
3. Quit the game.
4. Launch BG2EE and load the attached save game.
5. Leave the Docks District. On the world map, you will notice that "Distretto del Ponte" (string 26465) and "Porte della Città" (string 40271) overlap, as well as the strings saying "Ore di Viaggio" (string 23084).

On the world map, "Distretto del Ponte" (string 26465) and "Porte della Città" (string 40271) should not overlap.

Internal report #33776

Baldr000.bmp (5.93 MB) Giuseppe "Aedan" Calì, 11/01/2017 01:42 PM

000000001-Salvataggio Rapido.zip (264 KB) Giuseppe "Aedan" Calì, 11/01/2017 01:45 PM


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Fixed in build v2.6.0.0 from 06-Nov-2018.

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