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[SoD] Captive trolls at Dragonspear Battle should be freed after opening building's door

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a) Open saved game 000000932-Chapter 10 - Troll building.zip;
b) We're in Chapter 10, when questing in the Dragonspear Castle Exterior area, I open the door to that building (lockpick);

b) Now we go to Chapter 11, open save game Dragonspear Siege!.zip;
b) Dragonspear Castle is besiege, you should return to that building where now trolls are captive and open the door (you have the Troll Pen Key in the Keyring);
c) By opening the door, the trolls keep asking to be freed. They should run free and fight by your side.

Internal report #33084

Original message in the forum:

Citing this topic here, which had the same problem:

During the battle and before fighting Ashatiel, I went to that area where a group of trolls are held captive inside a building by the crusaders. Outside, you face a group of crusaders led by Gnarg (I couldn't convince them to go away), who seems to be related to freeing the trolls. I killed the group, talked with the trolls who begged me to help them, but they remained stuck, waiting for me to set them free. They kept asking me to free them and to kill Gnarg (already dead). I couldn't find any solution to this.

000000932-Chapter 10 - Troll building.zip - First save: Chapter 10 - Troll building (599 KB) Thiago Zibetti, 10/19/2017 02:58 PM

Dragonspear Siege!.zip - First save: Chapter 11 - Dragonspear siege (592 KB) Thiago Zibetti, 10/19/2017 02:59 PM


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