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Created party members, when dismissed, should stay where they are and should have a dialogue option to continue staying there

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1. Start a new game with a custom party in BG2:EE
2. Reform party - Remove one of the party memebers

Currently in BG2:EE the game gives you only two options: 1. Please rejoin the party 2. Bye. If you choose "Bye" the character leaves forever.

The behavior in BG2:EE should be the same as in BG:EE where it has been fixed. The dismissed companion doesn't automatically initiate a dialogue and stays where you left her, and when you talk to her, she asks if you want to have her back in the party: 1. Yes 2. No, and if you choose "No" the character stays where you left her.

This behavior has been fixed in BG:EE and hasn't been fixed in BG2:EE yet, which is very frustrating for players as they don't understand that when you click "Bye" the character will leave for good (with all equipment) and it won't be possible to meet her again. This issue is often mentioned on the forum, the last time - https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/66393/where-do-created-npcs-go-when-they-leave-the-party#latest - and prior to a patch for BG:EE fixed the behavior it was mentioned even more often.

Internal Report #33716


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