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Main character shouldn't be considered killed and the game shouldn't be over without a reason

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Internal report #33028

This is a tricky one and no one in the community has managed to reliably reproduce it, but the bug happens from time to time so it should be reported. Apart from the lack of damage or anyone attacking it's distinguished by the character portrait disappearing (look at the screenshot).

According to kjeron, "overloading an area with projectile particles will do this, easy to reproduce with the right(wrong) mods" but players have experienced this bug even without any mods installed.

"So earlier I was playing and pulled a group of 3 black bears in the area SE of Beregost. Had everyone ranging and kiting for a sec, and all the sudden the UI disappears and the gameover video plays. Afterwards, I see no damage taken or deaths reported in the log, and my entire sidebar of party members is just blank black squares."

"Anyone notice how the newest version of BGEE sometimes kills the CHARNAME off for no reason. I am figguring it must be some kind of bug. I see it most often in BGEE but it happens in SoD as well. Seems to trigger when off screen explosions take place sometimes such as SoD crusader camp/ fort bombardment.
In BGEE I have seen it in many a place, Durlags, thieves maze,etc. Seems random. No death screen, straight to the game over, CHARNAME killed must start over. When looking at the background combat log behind that, clearly no damage was done to CHARNAME, period.
This was with NO MODS. Just straight up V2.3. Never had it happen with years of playing previous versions."

"I mentioned the disappearing portrait bug in an earlier post. The WIP were on the way to Firewine Ruins and just killing off the last of the xvarts attacking Arabelle when that hit."


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A user reports that it's possible to reproduce reliably on map AR0513 (Durlag's Tower Basement 3) which contains an infinite repeating fireball emitter. Idling for between 30-60 minutes on any given part of the map will eventually cause a game over screen with portraits blacked out and nothing to indicate player death in the message log.

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I've managed to repro it!

1. Load an attached save.
2. Then just leave the game for 40-60 minutes.
3. Observe the unexpected and unexplainable death of the main character (see the screenshot).

Main character is killed and the game is over without a reason

Main character shouldn't be considered killed and the game shouldn't be over without a reason

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The fix for this would affect too many elements of the game to be viable. Tracking internally as a known issue.

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