Bug #32105

Aldeth Sashenstar's betrayal shouldn't bring PC in front of Angelo if PC was already brought in front of Angelo (before revealing Sarevok in the Palace)

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1. Start BG:EE game.
2. load the attached save.
3. move the PC north-east until captured by Flaming Fist Enforcers.
4. surrender to the flaming fist enforcers
5. with Angelo, pick the first reply line.
6. in prison, talk to Neb and solve his riddle (the answer for the third one is "tomorrow")
7. outside the FF building, go to the Mearchants' League
8. go to 2nd level
9. talk to Aldeth. Answer him that "We can discuss them right here."
10. surrender to the FF Enforcers.

PC gets the same dialogue with Angelo again, and also lands in prison again (with no exit this time)

The betrayal of Aldeth should not lead to exact the same cutscene and dialogue if the PC was brought in front of Angelo already

The attached save was first cheated to chapter 5 and Global("AldethMove","GLOBAL",1) set via console. The quest in Mearchants' League was played. Then it was cheated to chapter 8.
I did go through the scripts and dialogues with NI, though, and think that it is representative for the described problem.

Internal report: #32410

000002115-before 1st arrest.zip (125 KB) Christiane Steyer, 08/20/2017 02:21 PM


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(There existed an internal issue #16056 "Aldeth should not betray the protagonist after exposing Sarevok" but I guess you see this is not the same problem.)

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