Bug #31937

'Hold' status effect from Aec'Letec attack should not be called 'Paralyze' in combat log

Added by Orlon Kronsteen about 2 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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1. Start battle with Aec'Letec.
2. Observe the status effects from his attacks in the game log

Observed: The 'Hold' status effect from Aec'Letec's attack is incorrectly listed as 'Paralyze' in game log.

Expected: The 'Hold' status effect from Aec'Letec's attack should be listed as 'Hold' in game log.

Internal report #31937

Aec_Letec.PNG (37.9 KB) Orlon Kronsteen, 12/01/2017 09:31 AM


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Would you be able to provide further information in this respect.

The intent looks clear when you look at the scripting.
ForceSpell([PC],TANARI_PARALYZE) // SPIN999.SPL (Paralyze)


#2 Updated by Orlon Kronsteen almost 2 years ago

Hi there, I gather from what CamDawg was saying that what you're seeing in the scripting is inaccurate, though I really don't know anything about under-the-hood mechanics. Here is a link to the thread in which CamDawg describes the problem. The thread itself might provide the context to the problem, and Cam's quote states exactly what the problem is. I've also attached a snippit of Cam's quote, should that be helpful. Other than that, I can't provide any insight as I don't know anything about coding or modding the game (I was randomly asked to report the problem and was happy to do so). You might talk to CamDawg, I guess, if you're working with him.


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Thanks, will get it in the pot.

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Fixed in build v2.5.15.0

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